Why Report Research Impact?

All leading research funders and research organisations understand the need to fully report the impact of their funding. The growing repository of impact reports demonstrates to stakeholders the value of the research they perform ensuring the continuation of funding and in many circumstances an increase in funding.


"...the information we gather through Researchfish® enables BBSRC to demonstrate to government the benefits of investing in UK bioscience research...," Melanie Welham, Chief Executive's Blog, BBSRC (Research outcomes data collection – a vital part of the bioscience ecosystem) 
Impact is now much more than just a list of publications. The comprehensive repositories of outcome, output and impact data that our members are capturing is now starting to show trends and patterns and allowing organisations to start to get a real understanding of their research. Impact doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, which is why capturing this evidence earlier will put you in a position of knowledge sooner as demonstrated by the reports below:

Example Reports using Researchfish Data
Examples of other Reports/Uses of Researchfish Data


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