Funder & RO - Preparing for a Submission Period #2

December 15, 2017

Preparing for the Multi-Funder Submission Period: Monday 5th February 2018 - Thursday 15th March 2018


Following on from our November blog post, we want to continue supporting our members to achieve a successful submission period by providing further advice on tasks to complete in the lead up to their annual data collection exercise.


This post is aimed specifically for the large number of funders participating in the multi-funder submission period in Feb/March 2018, however this information is relevant to all funders and research organisations approaching a submission period.

Comms Continued 


Communication is key; from updating response codes, to sending invites, to informing PI’s, we must endeavour to communicate with all parties and provide all the necessary information, such as the examples below.


Response Codes: FAO Funder & RO


Research Organisations and Funders need to inform one another of any Response Code changes to allow awards to be updated not only on the researchfish platform but to also update any internal records for both parties.


Response Codes are mandatory for funders to set up awards on the system so we encourage funders to put some consideration into these. This will not only assist with accurate reporting after a submission, but will also enable PI’s to understand if a mandatory submission is expected, therefore also benefiting with compliance rates. For example, if a PI is temporarily away due to illness/maternity/etc, and should be response code 2.


Each Response Code are as follows:

If you are new to Researchfish as a funder, ensure you keep in touch with Research Organisations to allow them to assist you with managing the awards.


*Tip! - Check your Primary Contact Details under ‘Eval > Organisational Details’ are up to date for organisations and funders to contact one another. This will then be available in the ‘Our Members’ page.


Invitations: FAO Funder


Save time by ensuring your PI’s have everything they need, well in advance.

We encourage funders to send invitations for new awards to award holders well in advance of the submission period start date, allowing more time to access Researchfish as soon as they need.


*Tip! - Remember to communicate the dates that you plan to send your invites to Research Organisations as well.

A video explaining how to send your invitations is available on the researchfish platform.


Comms Timeframes: FAO Funder & RO


It is important to consider your timing when sending out notifications and letters.

Here you can see an example of an estimated timeframe of planned comms as a general rule.


*Tip! - You can access all of our communication plans, timeframes and examples via our Doc Library on Researchfish 

If you would like some further assistance on your communication plans please do not hesitate to contact us at






General Admin & Setting Up


Setting the Submission Period Dates: FAO Funder


Always set the submission dates in Researchfish as soon as you know them (even if it is a year away) so other users (both PI’s and RO’s) can see when it is due to take place.


*Tip! - This can be seen in the ‘Our Members’ tab when logged in to researchfish.



Contact Details: FAO Funder & RO


Please also check that your primary contact details are set up under ‘Organisational Details’ from the admin settings. This will allow users to contact you from the award pages and other locations around the site.




New Eval Help Videos: FAO Funder & RO


We have some new videos available, as promised in our previous blog post. These are short 1-2 minutes clips explaining how to use some of the E-Val functionality. You can access them via our support pages when logged into the platform (here.) These include:


Emailing Invitations

Activity Page Information

Award Page Filtering

Creating & Opening a Submission Period


We have more on the way along with an E-Val user guide.


Guidance Updates: FAO Funder & RO


Give a quick check over of any webpages or noticeboards to ensure that all links are still working and remove any out of date guidance.

If you would like any resources to be added to your site, please contact us at and we will be happy to provide you with the most up to date materials.


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