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December 1, 2017

We are pleased to announce that from 15th December 2017, after a two year interoperability pilot, member Research Organisations will be able to utilise the new publications uploader.


This new functionality enables Research Organisations to bulk upload publication outputs, taken from the University CRIS system, on behalf of award holders and will automatically check the validity of the outputs and associate them to the relevant awards. A report will then be returned with feedback on the success of each of the outputs.



Why Interoperability?


Reusing information where it is available means saving researchers from having to report the same information many times in many different places and reinforces the benefits of getting the necessary information right at the source. Over the past 2 years Researchfish has saved researchers 130 hours by reusing publication information from the 6 pilot institutions, almost 900 hours by direct harvesting, and a further 340 hours through improving and optimising the searches available in Researchfish, giving a total saving of 1,370 hours of researcher time.


This will assist them to manage their portfolio, while also allowing a convenient, easy to use process for organisations and we hope this will impact positively on all members and end users of Researchfish.


The Steering Group


We thank the interoperability steering group and pilot organisations (Imperial College London, University of Bristol, University of Cambridge, University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow and the University of St. Andrews), who have contributed an extensive amount of time, effort and planning into the success of this Phase 2 Pilot and have been diligently testing and trialling the progress and providing valuable feedback. (More information on Phase 1 of the pilot here: and our previous blog post:


We particularly thank Imperial College London who has provided informative guidance “Researchfish Publication Upload: Preparation Advice” which is available in the Researchfish Document Library


Further guidance and instructions on how to use this new functionality are available here (requires a Researchfish account to access).


Direct Harvesting


Researchfish also continues to source and import publications using its direct harvesting functionality that connects with a selection of publication repositories allowing users to import material from a number of sources, enhancing the publication search and enabling researchers to build their portfolio quickly and easily. These sources include:


  • PubMed - Publications relevant to biomedicine and life sciences. PubMed is maintained by the US National Library of Medicine and has information on over 25 million publications.

  • Web of Science - enhanced publication data from the Web of Science™, the premier global search and discovery platform for natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

  • Crossref/Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) - Crossref is an international association of over 5,000 publishers and associations and has information on over 77 million DOIs across all disciplines.


While not forgetting our other import and search facilities:


  • ORCiD

  • EthOs

  • Inspire HeP


  • Nielson ISBN


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