Funder & RO - Preparing for a Submission Period #1

November 3, 2017

Forthcoming Multi-Funder Submission Period: Monday 5th February 2018 - Thursday 15th March 2018


Many Funders such as RCUK, NIHR and British Heart Foundation along with charities such as those who are members of AMRC, have aligned their submission period to allow researchers to report on their grants at the same time. (For funder submission dates, please see - provided it has been set up, Refer to Tip 4!)


For those that are new to Researchfish or those who would like some extra guidance on preparation for this busy time, here are some useful hints, tips, and guidance to make  your submission period  as successful as possible.

Updated Information Required 


Here are some basic steps to ensure you are off to a good start!


Funder - Tip 1. Award Details & RHT's - Before new PIs can use researchfish, the awards need to first be set up on the system. If you need to update or add new awards, please send your updated respondent table (an Excel spreadsheet commonly referred to as the 'RHT') to us (along with any updated PI email addresses or award details) prior to the 15th December (if you are participating in the February 2018 Submission Period)


Alternatively, you can manually update the award details via e-Val. You can send RHTs or ask for help at


Funder & RO - Tip 2. Be Accessible! - Researchers may need to contact you for help or guidance on the outcomes. Update your contact information following the instructions on the video below, where this information is then presented to PIs via the awards details page (The red circled links pictured right). 

This is also useful for ROs and Funders to keep in contact with one another as it is also presented in the 'Our Members' pages.







For guidance on how to navigate the researchfish platform, and enter information on outputs, outcomes and impact users can also follow our help & support pages to access Live Chat, Email and Video Tutorials.


Comms Comms Comms!


We encourage our members to be in contact with their researchers as much as possible in the run up to the submission period. We recommend starting preparation 3 months in advance of the start of the submission period with at least 2 months to start communicating with the researchers.


Funder - Tip 3 - Plan your messages - Help your researchers to understand why it’s so important they use researchfish. We have provided some useful communication examples. (You will need to sign in to Researchfish to view these). This document will advise you on the type of information to include, along with some example messaging. 

Some key things to consider are: 

  • Is the submission going to be mandated? Will there be sanctions imposed if an award has not been submitted?

  • If they are already account holders, they can start adding outputs as soon as they would like. If they are not, when they can expect to receive an invitation to be able to do so. (and to check their Junk/spam email folders for this!)

  • If you have included additional questions, consider explaining the need and use of this information

  • Consider a twitter plan as another way of reaching out and keeping everyone informed

  • Consider adding information (if you have not already) to your website, with more information about researchfish and the submission process.


Funder - Tip 4 - Set up your submission dates as soon as you can.



Help other researchfish users (us included!) to know when your expected Submission Period will be. This will allow everyone to be updated and prepared. To do this, please go to e-Val > Settings Cog (on right) > Active Submission Periods > 'Add New Submission Period'. You can add the awards to this at a later date if you need to. The dates will then show on the 'Members' pages.



As explained earlier, we recommend you start preparing for the forthcoming multi-funder submission period at least 3 months in advance. This will allow enough time to send us any updates on awards, and have them queued and uploaded onto the system. 

Below is a brief prep plan for funders who are having their submission period in February/March 2018,

however you can adjust the months accordingly if you have it at a different time in the year.

Funder & RO - Tip 5. Finish Time - Please note that Researchfish technical support closes at 5pm but the system will continue to allow submissions up to midnight of the deadline date. Funders often set the deadlines with a specific time, if you are a funder please aim to communicate this clearly, and if you are an RO please check the specific time for each deadline as this may affect the support you can expect from the funder.


Funder & RO - Tip 6. Extensions - Funders: All funders have a final submission end date (and time) and in general will not extend beyond this. If, as a funder you think there are likely to be some extenuating circumstances for your PIs, please inform Researchfish as soon as possible. You will also need to arrange appropriate communications to notify this to ROs and PIs. 

Research Organisations: If PIs are coming to you enquiring about an extension, these requests will need to be directed to the relevant funder for further advice on this. Check you have the funders details to hand, as mentioned above, contact details should be available via the 'Members' pages on the Researchfish platform, once the web contact details are updated on the site.

Support is always available!


We understand there can be a lot to prepare for, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like an extra helping hand.

We have a team of people always ready to offer advice and guidance, both for our members and their researchers. 


RO Lite Overview                                                                  Reporting












We have a number of new 'How to' video clips on their way, explaining the most commonly asked questions on e-Val functionality, in small bitesize chunks. These will include:


Emailing Invitations

Activity Page Information

Award Page Filtering

Creating & Opening a Submission Period


We hope you have found this information useful and there will be further advise along the way. Please get in touch if you have any ideas on extra guidance to include or if you would like any help.



Twitter: @rfsupport

Live Chat: 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

YouTube: Researchfish Support

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