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October 16, 2017

Researchfish Steering Board

The first meeting for the new Researchfish Steering Board (RSB) took place Thursday 7th September along with a follow up webinar for those who wanted an update on the discussions that took place. You can access the recording of the webinar along with slides and draft minutes of the RSB here on our documentation pages.


The next RSB is to take place 4th December 2017 and details of this will be sent out to attendees shortly.

Communication Subgroup


Progress with setting up the new Communications Subgroup is going well, thank you to all of those who have been in touch to express an interest in being involved. We are just finalising membership, and the group will be having a preliminary meeting just before the next RSB as the chairs of the communications group will be taking a paper to RSB to agree the remit and initial priorities for the group.

Question Set Changes


The question set subgroup took 3 papers to RSB on the 7th September outlining proposed changes for their final sign off, these were:


1. ‘Software & Technical Products’ section - to expand where ‘Was it Open Source?’ is asked within this section.

2. ‘Research Tools & Methods’ and ‘Research Databases & Models’ sections - minor changes to two questions to more effectively collect information on when the outcome was created, and whether it has been subsequently shared.

3. High level guidance text (i.e. the guidance text for each outcome type) - this has been reviewed for every outcome type, with the aim of improving clarity, consistency and reducing the biomedical bias in the language used within the platform.


These were all signed off by RSB, and will be implemented in the coming months. Please do get in touch if you would like any further information on these.

Also alongside the changes to the user groups, we now also have a new chairs for the Question Set subgroup, our thanks to Subreena Simrick (British Heart Foundation) and Emily Gale (Medical Research Council) for volunteering to do this.


New PPI Additional Section


Several of the more medically focussed funders expressed an interest in collecting information on Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) from their researchers, and were considering (or in some cases, had started) using additional sections of questions to do this. After discussion with several of these funders it was agreed that a sensible approach would be to bring the collective knowledge of the funders together and work on this together. The aim being to create a set of additional questions to collect the relevant information on PPI which can be used by any funder who wishes. The questions have very recently been finalised, and will soon be set up in the system. We will share the questions on the document zone as soon as possible, but please do get in touch if you have any questions or think you might like to use them. We’d like to thank Sarah Thomas at NIHR for taking a lead on this, and for making progress in super fast time!



In December 2017 we shall add the functionality for research organisations to upload publication information that they have collected locally. This further expands the ability to save researcher time by adding publications where they have included acknowledgement to funding elsewhere.  Expect to see more detailed about the roll out of this functionality in the near future.


We have lots of news coming your way for interoperability updates so watch this space!
An article will be published on or blog so please keep an eye on twitter and our
website for information on its availability.

Back at the Barn:


New Joiners

We have recently welcomed 5 new employees to join our product development team including our new product manager Ross Pullar. They are already in full swing with lots of development work on locations, centres, search and the RO Eval redesign. You will find more information about the researchfish development roadmap from Ross, later in this newsletter.



We are currently working towards gaining ISO 27001 certification. Our expectation is that we should achieve this aim by Christmas, which would be a remarkable feat! This is thanks in large part to Carol Oakley, our wonderful HR & Finance Manager who has worked tirelessly driving this project forward.


Summer BBQ

Those of you who have visited Researchfish offices may know that we are lucky enough to occupy a quaint barn on the outskirts of Cambridge to call home (or work). To celebrate the ‘beautiful British summer’ we decided to have a summer bbq (hiding indoors while it rains) at the barn to welcome our new joiners. There was face painting, a bouncy castle, food and a lot of games. Despite the weather it was an enjoyable and social day so we thought we would share some photos!


Strategy of Impact Conference 2017


 On November 16th we are holding our first annual conference - The Strategy of Impact 2017 - at The Tower of London. We have invited senior people from all Researchfish members to spend a day at the tower hearing keynote speakers and participating in group discussions on this very topical subject. The goal is to connect organisations with a similar interest in impact and to drive this important discussion forward. More information on the Conference can be found here.


Event Roundup

The autumn conference season is in full swing. It was great to meet and talk with some of you at the AESIS ‘Boosting Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities’ in Cardiff in September. As well as busily preparing for our first Strategy of Impact Conference, we will also be at the AEA - Evaluation 2017 - 6-11 November, Washington, D. C., USA. More details here.

RO Focus Groups


Work is still being planned and should also fit in line with one of the big product upgrades, the ‘super-search’. Once we are able to demonstrate this on our beta platform, we will be able to arrange a webinar with members of the focus group, to discuss and provide feedback for work complete so far.




Earlier in the newsletter we introduced Ross, our new Product Manager. We will be hearing more from him on our product roadmap via our Blog and Documentation pages, for our new upcoming features and timelines. To name but just a few:



Search Functionality


Eval Redesign

Documentation Pages


We aim to keep an updated review of progress on our document pages on the researchfish platform.

Preparing for the next multi-funder Submission Period


You may already know that the next multi-funder submission period will be taking place 5th February 2018 to 15th March 2018.

We are already putting plans in place to prepare for this while encouraging our members to also do so, starting with a few small admin actions


We will be writing an article specifically for this, with guidance and preparation tips, so keep your eyes peeled on twitter and our website for its release.

New Community Members


We would like to welcome Kidscan, European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes and Sarcoma UK as new members to Researchfish alongside a new Research Organisation, City University London. Full list of members.

Crohn's and Colitis UK Publish the Impact of £5.2 Million Funded Research

Crohn's and Colitis UK, the leading charity in the battle against Crohn’s Disease and Ulcer

ative Colitis, have published their first research impact report 'The Power of Research – 10 years of Crohn’s and Colitis UK Research.' The report, put together with the help of the Researchfish research impact assessment platform, covered how £5.2 million has been awarded to over 80 groundbreaking research projects since 2008. Read more here. 



Novo Nordisk Impact Report


The Foundation's latest research impact report, 'Societal Impact of Novo Nordisk Foundation Grants 2016' has been published. The Foundation made DKK 4.2billion and DKK 1.1 billion in grant-awarding and payouts in 2016 and used Researchfish to gather the evidence that their funding was making a difference. Read more here.




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