What's Happened to your Researchfish Information?

September 27, 2017


The University of Birmingham have published the blog post 'Researchfish: What’s happened to your information…' that describes what happens next after the submission period ends.


The key message of the post is that by using Researchfish you are helping the Research Councils to understand the long term impact of UK research.  The Research Councils use the information from Researchfish to help provide evidence in support of continued funding of UK research.


This enables 'smarter' funding decisions to be made - not only potential continuation of your funding, but possibly an increase(!) if the long term impact of your research is demonstrated to your funder. 


"First of all, your information will go to the respective Research Council or funder where the outcomes you submitted will be reviewed and used to report on the impact of public investment in Research. The outcomes you submit may also be used in briefings and information requests for Parliament and other partners. By submitting your outcomes annually, you’re actively contributing to these reports and helping to ensure the most up-to-date information is available."


Read the University of Birmingham's blog post 'Researchfish: What’s happened to your information…


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