Gym session, pub lunch or Researchfish® submission – which takes the longest?

March 22, 2017


One of the more interesting statistics from this year’s submission period is that the average time taken by a researcher to complete their 2017 Researchfish submission is now only 48 minutes – less than the time taken to nip out for a lunchtime gym session or a Friday pub lunch.


What has been done to make submissions easier? Researchfish already contains rich accurate data that is authenticated and validated by both funder and PI. However publication data in University CRIS/IR systems relies on the university having the correct funding reference number in their systems which is not always the case.


To address this we have recently undertaken a 2 year pilot project covering interoperability between institution and funder systems with a particular focus on the transfer of publication records linked to funder grant references from Universities to Researchfish.


The project, involving leading academics, funders, research-intensive universities, Researchfish and Jisc, successfully tested the ability of universities to provide suitable exports of grant-linked publications data to a level of quality required for submission into Researchfish.


Researchers noted that reporting time was saved owing to the better-quality data pre-populated in Researchfish and wanted the transfer to be continued and extended to cover outputs and outcomes other than publications.


Less time spent on admin means more time for research. Good news all round.


Following a successful Phase 2 of the pilot Researchfish will further automate the checking and import of publication-grant links.

Read the full paper Let's Talk – Interoperability between University CRIS/IR and Researchfish: A Case Study from the UK



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