New strategic partnership with F1000, expanding opportunity to support research evaluation

January 31, 2017

Every year over 100,000 researchers globally report the output and outcomes of their funded research through the Researchfish platform. This provides funding organisations, charities and universities with a unique understanding of what their funding has achieved and therefore enables them to make informed decisions about future funding activities, communication with stakeholders at all levels and in many cases increase annual funding amounts.


From February 2017 any research outputs reported in Researchfish that have been recommended by F1000’s expert Faculty will be freely identifiable to its users. This new partnership will provide Researchfish members with even greater insight into the value and potential impact of much of the research that they have supported.


Through the article recommendations of a virtual Faculty of over 8000 leading life science experts, F1000Prime provides a well-recognised indicator of research quality and potential impact that can be used to complement quantitative citation-based indicators to support research assessment.


While all articles that have been recommended will be freely identifiable within the Researchfish platform, any organisations subscribing to the F1000Prime service will be able to access richer content about the expert/s who are recommending the work and why the work has been recommended.


Liz Allen, Director of Strategic Initiatives at F1000 said about this new initiative 'It is important to build connections between the myriad of research outputs-related information now being captured to provide a route to better understand how to make research more effective. More practically, it also should improve the process for researchers, funders and institutions in piecing together all the relevant information about the research they have supported and delivered'.

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