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September 26, 2016

I would like to introduce myself as the newly appointed CEO of Research Fish Ltd, following my previous 2 years service here as Operations Director.  I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you some of my thoughts about the business, the future and the research impact assessment landscape as we see it.


Having been at Research Fish for the last 2 years, I understand our strengths, where we can still improve and where, as an organisation we sit within the research community.  We believe in learning from our customers, through our stakeholder user groups and listening to their individual needs so we can drive the researchfish® product and the business forward, to ensure we fulfil all their requirements.


Research Impact Assessment and its importance is growing as funders are required to be more accountable, show evidence and demonstrate the value of research investment.  With the growing number of frameworks, methods and tools for describing and understanding the impact of research, the researchfish® platform enables funders to consistently capture outcomes from researchers, not only on publications, but information from 16 other outcome types including Further Funding and Collaborations, which gives visibility like never before of funded research activity.


This information can then be reported on using the comprehensive reporting suite, which now offers one-click template reports, which are customisable and branded ready to use for accountability purposes either as they are, or for further assessment.


More recently the Research Fish team has expanded to include Gavin Reddick, Chief Analyst and Beverley Sherbon, Impact and Evaluation Adviser who are both world leaders in the field of data analysis and research impact assessment and can help take funders reporting capabilities to the next level.


Researchfish® is becoming increasingly important to our customers and an ever increasing number of funders are adopting the service. I am extremely proud to work with such a great and diverse range of customers and along with the team here, to grow this company and be at the forefront of this evolution, as the impact of research becomes ever more important.



Sean Newell, CEO, Researchfish


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