Evolving the Researchfish interface

July 27, 2016

As part of the ongoing development of the Researchfish service, the team are currently embarking on a redesign of the Researchers interface, following suggestions made by users from within the system itself, and through the stakeholder User Groups, which influence the development roadmap for the service.


Following the decision to redesign, Researchfish employed Irene Melo, a User Experience (UX) Designer, to redesign the interface adopting a user-centred design approach.  


Putting the users first


We understand that any decisions and changes we made should be backed up by solid user research, and not based on our assumptions, so a group of researchers were recruited to highlight the key areas for consideration, including simplification and accessibility of the service.  


From these initial focus groups, the Researchfish team went countrywide, to visit those institutes represented to run groups with larger audiences, offering a wider range of experiences of using Researchfish, to show some draft wireframes, having taken onboard many of the suggestions and requirements.


Striving for simplicity


                     Current interface                                              Draft wireframe for new interface


This has a big factor in the design decisions, starting with being clear about what the interface is for, how the data is captured, and what is it captured for.

This will also include the writing style. We’re making the complete assumption that even academics (secretly) like clear prose!


Accessible for everyone


The new design will strive to conform with Level AA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which are in line with the UK Equality Act 2010 compliance.


What they say


“We received very positive feedback from the users who got involved at this stage of redesign. There was a clear pattern with the issues reported on the current interface and the feedback we received from our users was fundamental to help uncover these, and inform the way forward. Users have found the new designs to be more straightforward and to considerably simplify the user journeys through the system,” commented Irene Melo, UX Designer for Researchfish.   


Don’t stop there


This initial redesign will be launched by the end of 2016, and following that we'll ensure that these user groups and others will continue to influence any further developments.


Watch this space!



If you would like to send us any comments regarding your experience using the Researchfish interface, please contact us via support@researchfish.com.


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