The impact of Novo Nordisk Foundation funding of public research in the Nordic countries highlighted in new impact report, using data captured in Researchfish

June 27, 2016

Novo Nordisk Foundation, who award grants for research, education and innovation within biomedicine, biotechnology, general practice and family medicine, nursing and art history, have launched their first Research Impact Report to highlight the outputs and impact of the research they fund.


The report includes the outputs and outcomes generated from 2006 to 2015 from funding allocated over the last 15 years, from data captured in Researchfish, the world’s leading platform for the reporting of outcomes and impacts of research.


Novo Nordisk Foundation and Researchfish are aligned in their goals of reducing the reporting burden on researchers and enabling research funders to collaborate and benchmark more effectively and using the Researchfish service enables this to happen.


“The Foundation’s grant recipients systematically report on activities and findings generated based on their grants. Since 2015, the Foundation, which was established in 1922 and has awarded more than 11,000 grants, has used the online system, researchfish® that has made it possible to produce and publish the Foundation’s first impact report,” says Thomas Alslev Christensen, Head of Operations at the Novo Nordisk Foundation.


There were many key findings from this data including published scientific works authored by recipients of grants from the Foundation, dissemination activities and the researchers’ patterns of collaboration with other organisations and researchers.


“Before we started to systematically collect output and outcome data from grant recipients we didn’t know that our grant recipients produce 18 per cent of the scientific publications within health science in Denmark. The grant recipients reported 1914 scientific publications published in 2015. We also didn’t know that the production is now seven times higher than in 2006. Next year, we will use data from researchfish® to evaluate the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s strategy and strategic goals”.


To enable accountability, many funders are adopting Researchfish, a service which connects the research community and provides a structured, consistent and accurate platform to report research outcomes to enable better research impact assessment. 


“We are delighted with the findings of this report, and it emphasises how valuable the Researchfish service is.  We believe in changing the way that research impact is assessed and Researchfish enables funders to not only captures the outputs, but to also produce reports to evidence accountability”, comments Beverley Sherbon, Impact and Evaluation Advisor for Researchfish.



Novo Nordisk Foundation is a Danish commercial foundation with two purposes; to provide a stable basis for the commercial and research activities conducted by the companies in the Novo Group, and to support scientific, humanitarian and social purposes. Novo Nordisk Foundation's vision is to make a significant contribution to research and development that improves people's health and welfare.  The full report can be viewed at

Researchfish, the national standard in the UK, currently has over 63,000 researchers reporting from around 145 countries and have reported over 1.7 million outputs to date.  Researchfish tracks over £40 billion of research funding across over 100,000 awards, and has members internationally including Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation, Department for International Development and Research Councils UK.  Researchfish has a LinkedIn group and can be found on Twitter @Researchfish

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