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February 1, 2016

1st February 2016, Cambridge, UK - Researchfish®, the world’s leading platform for the reporting of outcomes for research impact tracking, today announced that Dr Beverley Sherbon and Gavin Reddick have joined the company as Impact & Evaluation Adviser and Chief Analyst.


In recent years, the government and the wider research community has placed increasing emphasis on the need for evidence of its investment in research. By ensuring that funders are making the biggest possible impact on policy and practice, and improving how they measure and capture this, they are better able to support the case for research funding.


To enable accountability, many funders are adopting Researchfish, a service which connects the research community and provides a structured, consistent and accurate platform to report research outcomes to enable better research impact assessment.  It has been recognised that assessment of this data and reporting on the findings, has proved challenging, and these two new key personnel will be instrumental in supporting funders to best apply their data to inform evaluation and strategy development.


With over 9 years of experience, Dr Beverley Sherbon, was formally Evaluation Programme Manager for the Medical Research Council and responsible for managing their evaluation portfolio.  Beverley has a wealth of knowledge in reporting to government on research progress, productivity and impact and also funding and commissioning research into impact methodology.  As Impact & Evaluation Adviser, Beverley will have a central role in helping funders to utilise the information they collect to fulfill their business need, whether this is for use in communication, strategic reporting, impact assessment and so on. 


“Researchfish enhances the way an organisation can track, measure and understand the impact from the research it funds, and having the capability to support and enable funders to fully utilise the information they collect is an important step for Researchfish, which I’m pleased and excited to be part of,” explains Beverley Sherbon.


Gavin Reddick recently joined Researchfish as Chief Analyst. Before this Gavin was a Senior Information Analyst for the Medical Research Council, specialising in statistical analysis and information flows and working primarily with output data collected in Researchfish.  Gavin’s new role will ensure the enrichment of reported data, improve the sophistication of its analysis, and facilitate broader and deeper use of this data by funders.


“These new appointments are a great addition to our team as we profoundly believe in changing the way that global research is assessed.  They will enable our customers to access both knowledge and expertise in research impact assessment to support the next stage of their evaluation process”, comments Mark Connelly, Managing Director of Researchfish. 




Lisa Badcock,


Researchfish, the national standard in the UK, currently has over 63,000 researchers reporting from around 145 countries and have reported over 1 million outputs to date.  Researchfish tracks over £40 billion of research funding across over 90,000 awards, and has members internationally including Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation, Department for International Development and Novo Nordisk Foundation.  Researchfish has a LinkedIn group and can be found on Twitter @Researchfish


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