Why Report Research Impact?

"...the information we gather through Researchfish® enables BBSRC to demonstrate to government the benefits of investing in UK bioscience research...," Melanie Welham, Chief Executive's Blog, BBSRC (Research outcomes data collection – a vital part of the bioscience ecosystem) 

Comprehensive research impact reporting gives a broader and deeper understanding of the activities of research, showing pathways to research impact. This enables organisations to inform future funding strategies and increase opportunity for collaboration.

With the REF and its international equivalents, being able to fully measure and report research impact across all the research carried out is now critical. 

"Researchfish ... is a vital source of information for the ESRC, providing us with evidence and impact case studies to highlight the benefits of social science research," Rhian Jones, Senior Information Analyst, ESRC (Researchfish: spreading the word about your research)

Capture, measure and report research impact to:

  • Communicate with stakeholders

  • Provide a strong evidence base to support continued funding

  • Enable evidence based policy/strategy discussions

  • Support accountability in funding decisions

  • Support an improved understanding of research

Some examples of how research impact has been measured and reported can be seen on the right.

Impact of the Novo Nordisk Foundation on public research 2015

Outputs, outcomes and impact of MRC research: 2014/15 report

The EPSRC 2016 Annual Impact Report

The STFC 2015 Annual Impact Report

The 2015 British Heart Foundation Impact Report

The Marie Curie 2015 Impact Report

Alberta Innovates Health Impact Report 2015-2016

Infographic of CRUK Researchfish information.

The Gateway to Research website displaying awards funded by AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, ESRC, MRC, NERC, STFC, NC3R and outcomes reported in Researchfish.

What is the relationship between public and private investment in science, research and innovation? A report commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, April 2015

An animation showing the number and location of international coauthors on Medical Research Council funded papers

The Policy Institute at King’s College London Report on the use of Researchfish

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