Research Institutions and the REF

With the REF and its international equivalents, being able to fully measure and report impact across all the research carried out by your organisation is now critical. Researchfish's Solutions for Research Organisations enable understanding and impact reporting on over 100K research awards giving a true representation of the value of your organisation.  This will enable you to report on all your research across your entire organisation giving you a detailed and comprehensive understanding to report fully to the REF.

Report Fully to the REF

Many institutions are adopting Researchfish to enable analysis and reporting across a wide dataset of outputs reported by their researchers, giving the variety of evidence needed to build case studies of impact for the Research Excellence Framework (REF). How much are these impact case studies worth to your organisation when the REF league tables are published?

Researchfish offers a suite of solutions for research organisations, enabling, amongst others:

  • Full reporting, including departmental reporting.

  • Access to an enriched dataset of outputs, which includes a range of Open Access metadata on publications

  • Access to the Application Program Interface (API), which is designed for users to export or download and map the information held in Researchfish to a grant management system, to work with peer review and funding applications.

Researchfish Solutions for Research Organisations

Our members

Since first launched in 2012, the number of institutions using Researchfish has grown substantially with most of the main research focused institutions now subscribing members, including the University of Nottingham, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University College London and University of Cambridge and the full list can be seen here.

“Impact has really grown in the last few years, largely driven by requirement to demonstrate impact through the REF, and often goes beyond the length of grant and/or project. Impact can take many forms, not just in terms of money, it can be time saved, change of policy for example. We need to understand the world around us and others may be interested in your research.”


“Impact is in our DNA and we need to never forget this. What difference are we making?”


Steven Hardy, Head of Research Outcomes, University of Nottingham


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